The Erriff Valley is a charming valley where the River Erriff flows. The valley is the last narrow segment of Mayo and it stretches from Aughagower to Connemara and Killary Harbour near Leenane.

It commands breathtaking views of fresh and unspoiled corners with the 'Devil's Mother' mountain in the background. Lowlands, moors, mountain ranges and rugged landscapes give a unique experience for enthusiasts of outdoor activities. A walk on the banks of the Erriff flowing through Glenacolly Bridge offers picturesque scenery of the valley, where sheep and horses graze freely.

The river along with numerous streams and lakes of this area teem with salmon and trout. Devotees of rod and line will find their dream destination in the Erriff valley.

Aasleagh Falls is a beautiful waterfall at the head of Killary Harbour, here the Erriff tumbles down a couple of metres before flowing into the sea; the scenery is wild and unforgettable.

A number of the scenes in Jim Sheridan's 1990 movie 'The Field', based on the play by John B Keane, were filmed at Aasleigh Falls including the memorable fight scene.


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Erriff Valley, co Mayo, Ireland